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Naiya Restaurant. Naiya Restaurant.
Japanese Dinner Menu

Soup and Salad
1. Miso Soup $3.95
2. Salad with ginger dressing $4.25
3. Seaweed Salad $4.25

Appetizers from Our Kitchen
1. Edamame $4.25
Boiled soy beans
2. Gyoza $7.95
Fried pork dumplings
3. Shumai $7.95
Steamed shrimp dumplings
4. Vegetable Tempura $8.95
5. Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura Appetizer $9.95
6. Soft Shell Crab $9.95

Lightly battered, deep-fried

Appetizers from Our Sushi Bar
1. Cucumber Salad $3.95
2. Sunomono $9.95
Combination of seafood bed on cucumber salad and sunomono sauce
3. Spicy Conch or Octopus Salad $8.95
Conch or octopus, cucumber, scallions, oranges, avocado and masago with spicy sauce
4. Idako $7.95
Baby octopus
5. Tuna Tataki $9.95
Thinly sliced seared tuna with ponzu sauce
6. Beef Tataki $8.95
Thinly sliced seared beef with ponzu sauce
7. Spicy Tuna Salad $9.95
8. Avocado Krab Meat Salad $7.95
9. Sushi Appetizer (6 pcs.) $10.95
10. Sashimi Appetizer (9 pcs.) $11.95
11. Paradise Island $8.95
Baked mussels topped with Volcano sauce
12. Ikasansai $8.95

Japanese Dinner
1. Sushi A $20.95
9 pieces of sushi and California roll
2. Sushi B $23.95
12 pieces of sushi and a tuna roll or California roll
3. Sashimi Deluxe $23.95
15 pieces of sashimi (Chef’s choice - tuna, salmon and white fish)
4. Hosomaki Combo $16.95
California roll, J.B. roll and tuna roll
5. Sandridge $29.95
Volcano roll, Lady in Red roll, 4 pieces of sushi, 6 pieces of sashimi and 2 Chef's special testers
6. Geisha $21.95
California roll, 3 pieces of sushi, 3 pieces of sashimi and shrimp tempura
7. Samurai $21.95
California roll, 3 pieces of sushi, 3 pieces of sashimi and chicken teriyaki

Boat Dinner
1. Boat For One $26.95
7 pcs of sushi, 12 pcs of sashimi, and California roll
2. The Sailor $50.95
14 pcs of sushi, 18 pcs of sashimi, tuna roll and California roll
3. The Yacht $75.95
18 pcs of sushi, 24 pcs of sashimi, tuna roll, J.B. roll, California roll
4. Titanic $100.95
24 pcs of sushi, 28 pcs of sashimi, octopus salad, seaweed salad, tuna roll, J.B. roll, California roll and Rainbow roll

1. Chicken Yaki Soba $11.95
2. Shrimp Yaki Soba $13.95

Tempura Dinner
1. Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura $15.95
2. Chicken and Vegetable Tempura $14.95
3. Vegetable Tempura Dinner $12.95

Teriyaki Dinner
1. Chicken Teriyaki $14.95
2. Steak Teriyaki $18.95
3. Salmon Teriyaki $18.95
4. Shrimp Teriyaki (Jumbo Shrimp) $18.95

Sushi or Sashimi Ala Carte
Avocado, Asparagus, Inari (fried bean curd), Tamago (sweet egg)
or Cucumber $1.50 (per piece)

Salmon, Shrimp, Krab, Squid, Eel, Masago, Conch,
Octopus, Ikura or Escolar $2.50 (per piece)

Tuna, Sweet Shrimp or Hamachi (yellow tail) $3.00 (per piece)

Basic Rolls
1. Cucumber, Asparagus, or Avocado Roll $4.95
2. Shrimp or Krab Roll $5.95
3. California Roll (krab, avocado and cucumber, I/O) $5.95
4. Eel Roll (eel, cucumber and eel sauce) $6.95
5. Tuna or Salmon Roll $6.95
6. Spicy Tuna Roll $6.95
7. Spicy Krab Roll $6.95
8. J.B. Roll (salmon, cream cheese and scallions) $6.95
9. Hamachi Roll (yellow tail and scallions) $6.95
10. Salmon Skin Roll (salmon skin and scallions, I/O) $6.95
11. Shrimp Tempura Roll $8.95

Chef’s Recommended
1. Dragon Roll $13.95
Shrimp tempura, eel, cream cheese, asparagus and cucumber, I/O topped with avocado and eel sauce
2. Dancing Shrimp Roll $13.95
Spicy tuna, cucumber, masago and scallions topped with shrimp and eel sauce
3. 5th Avenue Roll $13.95
Spicy tuna, scallions, masago and cucumber topped with tuna
4. Three's Company Roll $13.95
Tuna, salmon, white fish, cucumber, scallions, avocado, asparagus and I/O masago
5. Beauty and the Beast Roll $13.95
Tuna, eel, asparagus, scallions and avocado, topped with tuna and eel, served with eel sauce
6. Hee-Ma Roll $14.95
Shrimp tempura, eel, cucumber, avocado, asparagus and masago topped with tuna, tempura flakes and spicy bomb sauce
7. Orange Dragon Roll $14.95
Shrimp, krab, cream cheese, avocado, asparagus, cucumber, masago I/O, sesame seeds and salmon on top
8. Mafia Roll $14.95
Krab, avocado, I/O sesame, masago and spicy tuna on top, tempura flakes with spicy bomb sauce
9. Crunchy Tuna Roll $14.95
Tuna, scallions and avocado, crunchy style with spicy mayo and eel sauce
10. Sashimi Bomb Roll $14.95
Tuna, salmon, white fish, avocado, asparagus, scallions and masago, tempura style with spicy bomb sauce
11. Lobster Roll $22.95
Lobster meat tempura, asparagus, cucumber, avocado and I/O masago topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce. Served with cucumber salad.

Special Rolls
1. Vegetable Roll $8.95
Cucumber, asparagus, yamagobo, takuwan and carrots topped with avocado
2. Crunchy Salmon Roll $10.95
Salmon, asparagus, cream cheese and krab, tempura style topped with spicy mayo and eel sauce
3. Dancing Eel Roll $10.95
California roll topped with baked eel and eel sauce
4. Kanisu Roll $10.95
Krab, avocado and masago wrapped with thinly sliced cucumber and served with sunomono sauce
5. Lady in Red Roll $10.95
A California roll topped with tuna
6. Mexican Roll $10.95
Shrimp tempura, lettuce, cucumber, avocado and I/O masago with spicy mayo and eel sauce
7. Playboy Roll $10.95
Eel, shrimp, krab, cream cheese and asparagus, tempura style with spicy mayo and eel sauce
8. Rainbow Roll $10.95
California roll topped with assorted fish
9. Miami Roll $10.95
Fish tempura, avocado, cucumber and I/O masago with spicy mayo and eel sauce
10. Volcano Roll $10.95
Baked fish with spicy mayo, krab and masago on top of a California roll
11. Spider Roll $12.95
Soft-shell crab, asparagus, avocado, scallions, masago, cucumber and spicy mayo topped
with eel sauce

Thai Dinner Menu

Thai Donuts $5.95
Fried Banana $3.95
Fried Ice Cream $5.95
Cheesecake Tempura $5.95